Thursday, October 17, 2013

MIT Technology Review Newsletter - A must Read!

I would encourage anyone who wishes to keep abreast of trending topics in Communications, Energy, Biomedicine, Web, Computing or Business, to subscribe at least to the digital edition of MIT Technology Review Newsletter

It is a must have subscription! Alternative, read online at

The "MIT Technology Review identifies important new technologies - deciphering their practical impact and revealing how they change our lives."

There is a daily preview or a weekly release by email as indicated by the schedule below.

  • Weekly Communications Newsletter: Monday
  • Weekly Energy Newsletter: Monday
  • Weekly Biomedicine Newsletter: Tuesday
  • Weekly Web Newsletter: Wednesday
  • Weekly Computing Newsletter: Thursday
  • Weekly Business Newsletter: Friday

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spatial Law and Policy

This is a link to Kevin's Blog that speaks to Spatial Law and Policy and provides information that examines the legal issues impacting spatial data collection and usage. A very useful link for developing countries that may be seeking to develop polices relating to spatial data infrastructure and the collection and use of spatial information..
I hope to develop this blog into a comprehensive source of information relating to GeoInfomatics, GIS and ICT Developments in the Caribbean region. The blog will include articles from contributors, links to news from the wider GIS world, challenges impacting Geoinfomatics, GIS and ICT usage in the Caribbean region.

The blog will also feature trending topics and links to news from around the world that shapes how we use Geoinfomatics, GIS and Technology in general.

My first link is to the National Land Agency of Jamaica iMap. which show how developing countries can start using GIS infrastructure.